APEX Seating

Quality seating, which is at the same time very comfortable, is essential. There are a huge variety of wood and fabric finishes available to complement your existing scheme.

Comfortable seating can increase productivity and enable your team to spend more time at work. It is worth exploring and investing in the right chair for the right person, suited for the right task.

There are a wide variety of manufacturers offering diverse styles, we work with many of them including Dauphin, Verco, Back App, Pledge, and Mesh seating to name but a few.

seating brochure

We have extensive experience of supplying ergonomic seating and have many samples available to try in our showroom.

There are many options available including:

  • Rolling storage and archive systems
  • Storage wall and AV wall systems
  • Systemised storage and filing accessories
  • Bespoke units, low level, high level or tailored for your needs

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