Meet the Team

APEX Our Team

James Grylls

James Grylls is a Director responsible for the refurbishment side of the business. He excels at project management and has the honorary title of 'in house IT expert', this keeps him on his toes!


Natasha Parmar

Natasha Parmar, Sales Administrator. Tasha is usually your first point of contact, she answers our phone and is probably the first one to get asked “where did I put my….” Tasha updates our database, liaises with customers and does her best to keep everyone in order.

Malcolm Tomlin

Malcolm Tomlin is a Director responsible for the office furniture side of the business. Having studied business and worked in the insurance sector before joining Apex he is well equipped to manage this busy division.


Steve Haywood

Steve Haywood is the Contracts Manager- Steve is talented man, he has built himself a reputation of being the refurbishment expert. From hotels to primary schools he can redesign a room to make it look fantastic! He has a great eye for optimising design and colour.


Chris Platon

Chris is the face many of you will see the most. He is our most senior fitter and as such gets to build and install furniture on site.

Graham Grylls

Graham Grylls is a Director and also a founder of the business. Graham enjoys getting his hands dirty and manages many of the large projects from supply right through to final finish.

Ruth Marshall

Ruth Marshall is the Accounts Manager. Ruth keeps our books in order and manages all our payments in sterling, lats or euros!

Matthew Wickham

Matthew is our Business Development Manager. He has 22 years experience, creating inspiring interiors and knows the industry incredibly well. Matt enjoys his work especially when using his product expertise to create a stunning reception area or meeting room-that first impression really counts!