Every client has a different set of requirements and objectives but we have taken the time to explore the trends that are appearing for 2018.

The first trend seems to be around Wellbeing, this includes creative space, breakout areas, sit-stand desking and flexible working spaces. Employers are starting to appreciate the workplace needs to be motivating and encourage openness. Many are looking to promote health and fitness with gyms and showers as a regular inclusion.

The second trend is Technology. With the ever-growing plethora of gadgets every one has to simply do their job, power sockets and charging is an essential element of any refurbishment. Companies are also exploring more advanced technology that can be used in meeting rooms. Did you know, 20% of UK jobs expected to be automated by the mid-2030’s.

Looking forward to Generation Z, those born between 1995-2001, just four years after the internet was invented have grown up with technology in their home and social lives. It’s predicted that this generation will be so in tune with technology, as they start to join the workforce they will push for a greater work/life balance, which nicely mixes our first two trends.

It’s no secret that the lighting in an office can cause poor productivity, getting Smarter Lighting with dimmable lights, task lights and natural light can improve not just energy consumption but people’s moods.

There is a growing requirement for Mixed Materials. This encompasses eco-friendly materials, making something new from something old and an emergence of soft natural textiles.

There is also an increase in Co-Working Spaces. With companies such as WeWork offering communal work areas, private offices and even free beer it’s no wonder the normal bland office environment is less appealing. The trend to try and create more than an office in the co-working spaces is clear, with inclusions of football tournaments, sports roof bars, apps and discounted rates for member services.