As we all know, first impressions count. When a client or employee come to your office the first thing they see is the reception desk. So it’s a great place to start when refurbishing your office.

The office reception area should look smart, professional and welcoming. It should reflect your companies brand not only in colours but in style.

When a visitor enters the office its the first place they visit, whether it’s to drop off a parcel, attend or meeting or even an interview. The reception area needs to be clear of clutter, easy to access and welcoming. It needs to have storage to keep it neat and tidy and places for guests to relax whilst waiting.

Reception Area Ideas

Newsworthy – Why not add a notice board or make a backdrop of company news. Whilst people are waiting they like something to read.

Team Photos – people are often coming to meet someone so it’s a great opportunity to put a face to a name. You could create canvas artwork using the team photographs.

Use Technology – Placing TV screens or computer monitors to display information or custom messages tailored to suit your business is an easy way to keep your guests well-informed.

Add some greenery – Having healthy greenery in the reception area not only boosts the appearance of your office but also shows that your company can take care of stuff.

Choose the right reception desk – From modern white gloss reception desks to having your company name engraved on them we can supply a wide array of desks to suit your brand and budget.

Artwork – this interesting article comments on how artwork can boost productivity in the office

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