An integral part of any office design is the lighting. The lighting of any office can influence the health, motivation and performance of employees. Lighting is important from health and safety perspective and the impact it has on the workers and in turn the business.

Low Level Lighting

Not just for the aeroplanes, this can be used to eliminate workplace trips and falls. If an area is well lit it helps to see any hazards and to avoid them.

Desk Lighting

If the lighting is poor,  your employees could suffer with eye strain or fatigue. Neither are good for your business or the employee, so always make sure the desk lighting is correct.


Another reason you need good lighting is due to Sick Building Syndrome (SBS) and Seasonal Affective Disorder, both of which can be caused by poor lighting. Sufferers complain of being extremely lethargic, irritable and having no energy. These illnesses can lead to depression, which can in turn lead to sick days for long periods of time.

How to avoid having bad lighting

You first need to look at the building and its uses. For example, LED lighting will deliver unrivalled brightness. Create a bright space from meeting rooms to kitchens with LED lights.  LED light panels can produce 500-5000 lumens of enhanced light, depending on the size and colour you choose.

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