There are number of reasons why having some privacy in the office is important – whether it be an important business call or a private discussion with a colleague, we all need some privacy every once in a while. At Apex, we have a wide range of products and solutions that will make your office a space where your privacy will never be an issue.

So why is privacy so important to us?

Privacy is important for productivity, personal space, trust and respect for one another, which is why it is an aspect that should be prioritised when planning your new office.

At Apex, we take every detail into account – from the furniture and arrangement of desks to ensuring the inclusion of private areas or meeting spaces that will help give workers the space they need whenever they need it. A lack of privacy in the workspace can hinder an employee’s productivity, which is why it’s so important to consider soundproofing options and private areas when redoing or planning a new office.

Equally,  access to private space for private conversations and meetings is important to making everyone feel comfortable and safe in the office. Constant background noise, interruptions and distractions can hinder an employee’s concentration and productivity which is why Apex have a number of solutions with sound-proofing and sound-reducing capabilities that are essential to controlling noise levels and protecting those important private discussions in the office.

Our design and space planning will ensure that each employee has the space they need to feel comfortable and work efficiently. Apex plan and design your office to make each space as efficient as possible and can customise an office plan to give you as much or as little privacy as you need, depending on your office culture and style of work.

We’ve picked three essentials for improved privacy in the office that can also maximize employee productivity:

  1. Soundproof panels that can absorb sound to keep noise distraction to a minimum and that are also aesthetically pleasing.
  2. Inclusion of private meeting rooms and areas with lockable doors for seclusion when you need it.
  3. Soundproof partitions between desk spaces that will make each employee feel that they have a more private desk area

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