With open-plan offices on the rise, sound-proofing and sound-reducing furniture can be an essential way of controlling noise levels and also protecting private discussions in the office.

With the installation of sound-absorbing partitions, free-standing panels, high-back seating and wall-mounted boards, offices can help reduce noise distraction for workers, as well as creating ‘private’ sound-proof breakout areas for those more confidential discussions.

By cutting out surrounding noise, or using a sound-masking system which provides a steady background noise throughout the office, offices can now look to a range of office furniture and interior options to create an aesthetically pleasing, yet functional space.

There are many ways you can reduce environmental noise levels in your office, starting with the interior options below.

Sound-proof partitions
These sound-deflecting partitions can help separate desks, create modular workspaces and help reduce environmental noise, enabling staff to concentrate without distraction.

Sound-proof panels
Choose from a number of options including free-standing or ceiling/wall suspended panels that can help absorb sound, but are also aesthetically pleasing.

Sound-masking Systems
These audio systems complete with speakers placed throughout the office, produce a faint background noise omitted at a steady level which helps to block out surrounding noise in the workplace.

Acoustic high-back seating
A stylish way of creating breakout and more casual meeting areas, that are still semi-private and enable more sensitive discussions.

Above are just a few of the key ways that offices can be adapted to be more noise-level compliant.