When you think of lockers you could be forgiven if you think back to school lockers holding piles of books and wonder why you would need them in the workplace.

The modern workplace has changed and many offices are paperless, but the need for personal storage remains. With hot desk systems increasing in popularity, many employees no longer own a desk but they still need somewhere to keep their ‘stuff’.

Employees are bringing more and more high value items to work such as laptops, phones and tablets. Some offices also have a no-phone rule, so it ensures employees have somewhere safe to keep their high value gadgets. Another handy use for installing lockers is that they can also be used as dividers within offices, providing spaces for counter tops and power units. 

For a fun twist lockers can be personalised using a mixture of colours, materials or even photos on your locker. A postal slot is a common customisable addition for staff notifications.

Another benefit of a locker is that an employee has more useable desk space and room underneath the desk. Pedestal storage tends to house personal items for a long period, in comparison to a locker that is cleared daily. Apex can supply lockers with lockable doors using a key or combination code and a range of finishes and textures as featured below. 

If you are considering purchasing lockers for your office please contact us to discuss your requirements on 01582 492434 or email malcolm@apex-office.com