Whilst planning an office many companies neglect the need for a breakout area. We explore why a fun and functional breakout area is a must for any modern day office and how to make yours the best in town.


In today’s world of fast paced communications we are glued to our computers, smartphones and tablets. Employees often don’t take adequate break times, which can lower concentration, motivation and ultimately hamper production. Health and Safety recommends regular breaks, move around and look at distant objects taking time away from a computer screen.

It won’t come as a shock that happy employees are more loyal. By adding a fun element to your office you will create a happier workforce. A creative space that puts your employees first shows visitors and potential employees that you value your team. It helps to retain staff and attract new talent.

It’s a great place to bring people together when a celebration is in order, from a birthday to a company milestone.

Fun Games help to relieve stress and adds a friendly competitive element to the office. Team games such as foosball help create stronger relationships.

Ideas for your break out area

TV – why not add a TV to your breakout area? A steady stream of news and organised internal events based on key sporting fixtures can help boost morale

Comfortable Seating – review the purpose of the space and choose something suitable. We find the key uses are to eat lunch and relax

Games – if your brand is fun and fast-paced why not include a branded table tennis table? If it has a sporting link you could introduce a foosball table

Free Coffee – a kettle is a basic in most offices, but why not ad some extras like stirrers, napkins, flavoured syrups and nice branded mugs

Free Fruit – free healthy snacks are great to curb work hunger and help avoid employees snacking on biscuits throughout the day

Ask employees – there is nothing better than asking peoples opinions and acting on them. We recommend getting staff input on what they would like in the breakout area. Why not add a comment box for future ideas?

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