Will continued developments in technology mean the end of the traditional workplace?

Just a few years ago you may have been working in a light-deprived, grey office block with a strict 9am – 5pm policy. Now the world seems to be WFH (Working From Home), which makes you ask is the workplace now redundant? With studies revealing that flexible working allowances could potentially save workers billions in reduced commuting costs and hours spent travelling it’s not a surprise.

We strongly believe it makes the workplace even more important to any modern business. The introduction of technology simply enhances motivation, productivity and collaboration and means the modern workplace needs to be designed with that in mind.

So what will the modern day workplace look like?

  • We predict the modern workplace will focus more on hot desks, boardrooms, collaborative spaces and ‘fun’ areas. For example, Google create spaces designed to foster creativity. The focus is on allowing staff to work and play. We have completed projects with football tables, beanbags and comfy seating, which serve as relaxation areas but also as agile workspaces.
  • With the introduction of Biometrics, we anticipate employees will activate entry doors by scanning your retina and passwords will become a think of the past. Probably a good thing with the amount of time we forget our passwords!
  • Through the rise of wearable technology, employers will be monitored for their productivity and wellbeing. Embracing new ways of working can improve staff retention and happiness.

When you undertake an office refurbishment, we urge you to consider technology and the impact it will have on your plans.

We would love to help you create a future proof office design, contact us today for more information.

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