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How to Design an Open-Plan Office

Designing an open-plan office space produces a multitude of advantages, encouraging collaborative and creative thinking. Colleagues can work alongside one another and build a strong sense of community within the office. In turn, this will lead to a positive and healthy working environment and increase the overall productivity of the team. Open-plan is suited to small or growing companies, as it can be very economical and create a vibrant and thriving atmosphere.

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Assessing how to optimise office space based on the needs of employees is vital in creating a successful open-plan office. For example, if employees require various items of technology, it could be useful to invest in wireless systems, to avoid clutter. If a space is polluted with lots of wires and bulky computers, it will detract from the goals of going open-plan. Furthermore, regulating the noise within an office is crucial in maintaining overall employee satisfaction. Designers may wish to equip desk spaces with noise cancelling headphones and practical headsets to take calls from.

Listen to the employees and decide whether it would be effective to create separate spaces to discuss ideas, utilising a flexible and hybrid open-plan solution. These could include large board rooms or designated areas to meet with customers. This may not be necessary, but a simple survey will assist in finding the perfect office solution. Whilst open-plan can be highly effective, having separate spaces to socialise and take breaks in will improve the atmosphere within the office. Alternatively, utilise equipment to divide the space of a room, such as filing cabinets or a coffee station. This is a less extreme route in solving issues regarding privacy and will effectively create zones within the office.

Thanks to modern and innovative design, it is possible to create unobtrusive storage spaces within the office. Employees will need space to store personal items, equipment and materials for work. Prior to commencing the design process, discuss the dimensions required by office equipment and personal space for each employee.

After considering the needs of a company and the non-negotiable space required by each person or the office equipment, it is time to start sketching the office. Discuss whether it would be best to strip a room, move walls or create windows. It is important to always consider the light in the room, ventilation systems and take sufficient measures to ensure the safety of staff members.

This is an exciting opportunity to take your business to the next level, so invest time into the interior design and amenities available for staff members. There are many websites available to assist with planning the perfect office aesthetic, such as Pinterest and Instagram, where designers can adapt and draw inspiration from other projects. Overall, the office should reflect the values and goals of the company, so get creative and have fun with planning!

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