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What Are The Office Design Trends for 2022?

Contemporary offices are innovatively designed to both serve their purpose effectively, whilst positively impacting and supporting employees. The office must be equipped and designed appropriately, supplying staff with the tools to succeed. Recent years have brought new challenges within the office, inherently widening and changing the direction of the discussion surrounding office design. Below we have explored these new avenues which have dominated the office design trends for 2022.

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Since the outbreak of the pandemic, a large section of office design surrounds flexibility and supporting hybrid working. Prior to 2020, the conventional structure assumed staff worked 9-5 in the office, however now employees have embraced working both from home and the office. This has forced office design trends for 2022 to adapt to the new needs of employees. Whilst working from home grants a new flexibility, it means staff have less contact with one another, which can have negative impacts on their wellbeing. Offices are now equipped with social spaces, encouraging staff to interact with each other. New office designs will additionally encourage collaboration, strengthening the bonds between a team. This can be done by enforcing an open-plan office design and through designating spaces for collaboration.

2022 has seen a flourishing of individuality and as such, offices are encouraged to celebrate diversity within the team. Members of staff have been encouraged to contribute to the design of the office, featuring a wealth of different pieces of artwork and trendy graphic design projects. This encourages creativity and thus productivity, making the office a more comfortable space to work in.

Offices have shifted to become more inclusive and designers will listen to the needs of the staff. For example, many have discussed equipping offices with technology to better support neurodiversity, such as ADHD or dyslexia. This will include a variety of different noise level zones and technology to assist with maintaining focus, such as areas with sound and light control.

Arguably one of the most dominant trends within office design is a focus on sustainability and the environment. Offices will be designed to be environmentally friendly, using energy efficient technology and sourcing sustainable products. Other trends have been embraced, such as paper and plastic free policies and introducing reusable coffee cups for staff, working towards an overall reduction in their carbon footprint.

Many interior design trends celebrate nature and natural light, decorating offices with plants and earthy colour schemes. Windows are strategically placed, in order to take advantage of the sunlight.

Innovative design has dominated trends for 2022, with many offices installing new technologies to facilitate the digitised office. For example, with the dramatic increase in Zoom and Team meetings, offices now require quiet spaces, such as sound-proof pods, equipped with inbuilt phone chargers, USB and HDMI sockets.

Evidence also shows that regular breaks increase productivity, thus smart offices offer employees technology to assist with reducing stress. These could include sensory rooms or designated spaces to practice meditation.

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